Home Whitening

Nothing freshens up your appearance like a whiter, brighter smile. The whitening toothpaste at the grocery store just can’t give you the whitest possible smile. Franklin Smiles, along with Dr. Weber and Dr. Reynolds, has been bleaching teeth for over 25 years and now recommends the latest in-home whitening technology from Discus Dental called NightWhite, Zoom, and DayWhite. Both are liquid gels that safely and effectively whiten your teeth during the day or night. FDA has recognized the active ingredient in NightWhite and DayWhite, carbamide peroxide, for many years as an oral antiseptic. This technology is also helpful for removing stains caused by food, coffee, tobacco, aging, and other sources.

Today’s bleaching methods are safe for the teeth and surrounding soft tissues, and you can have overnight results! It is fast, simple to use. Maximum results may require bleaching the teeth for two to four weeks. The bleaching gel comes in a variety of carbamide peroxide concentrations ranging from 7.5% to 22% strengths.

Zoom In-office Tooth Whitening

If you want your teeth whiter right now, the Zoom in-office technology is for you. The Zoom one-hour whitening system from Discus Dental uses a proprietary technology to whiten your teeth in about an hour. This is technology seen on ABC’s television hit series “Extreme Makeover”. We recommend “jump starting” your whitening process with Zoom, and completing the whitening process with our home bleaching system. Final results may take fourteen to thirty days.

The Zoom process is simple, safe, and rarely causes sensitivity. However, patients with extremely sensitive teeth may want to stay with the more gentle DayWhite and NightWhite products.

The procedure begins by painting the lips and gum tissue with a protective coating. We then apply the Zoom whitening gel to the tooth enamel surface and place the Zoom activation light near your mouth. The Zoom activation light allows the solution to gently penetrate the teeth to remove deep stains and discoloration. In three fifteen minute applications, your teeth are dazzling white! Combined with the home bleaching system, your whiter smile will sparkle for years.

If you have questions about bleaching products, please Contact Franklin Smiles for more information.