Dr. Weber and Dr. Reynolds believe that a comprehensive examination is essential to help maintain dental health, and they provide an outstanding and thorough examination for their patients. The examination may include:

  • An initial consultation with Dr. Reynolds so he may fully understand and listen to your dental story
  • Full series of digital photographic images
  • Extraoral head & neck soft tissue exam
  • Intraoral soft and hard tissue exam
  • Appropriate digital (low radiation exposure) X-rays
  • Periodontal evaluation of all teeth & surrounding gum tissue
  • Full mouth periodontal pocket evaluation
  • Decay (caries) examination of each tooth
  • Evaluation of TMJ and bite
  • Diagnostic models of teeth
  • Evaluation of oral hygiene & methods for improvement
  • Cosmetic smile enhancement evaluation
  • Medical history as it relates to dental treatment
  • Evaluation of existing dental crowns, fillings, etc.comprehensive exam 1

Once Dr. Weber and Dr. Reynolds understand your current condition, they listens to you and help develop a plan to get from where you are to where you want to be. We really enjoy this process and so do our patients.

If you have questions about our comprehensive examination process, please Contact Franklin Smiles for more information.