We know that when it comes to dentistry, you want more than the promise of a beautiful smile, you want comfort, convenience and safety for yourself and for your family. Our advanced technology ensures that every one of those requirements is met.

We focus on technology that improves your dental experience in every way: using technology, our team can see your teeth with much more clarity and detail, catch tiny problems before they develop, speed treatments so that many can be completed in just one visit, clean your teeth better than ever before, and make all kinds of procedures more comfortable and less invasive than ever. With these advancements, many of our patients say that dentistry has actually become a pleasure!

Patient Safety

We meet or exceed all OSHA and HIPAA guidelines to insure that your procedures take place in a healthy, sterile environment. All instruments are heat sterilized for your protection. Each treatment area is thoroughly disinfected between patients. We offer safety glasses to be worn during your appointment.

You can be assured that we have done our utmost to ensure your safety. If you have any questions about our sterilization process, please give us a call.