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Dental Bonding Keeps Falling Off

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I need some help and advice. I have fluorosis stains and went to my dentist to get them fixed. He did dental bonding and said it would last a few years. I wasn’t thrilled with the results. It felt like the color was uneven and you could still see the stains. Then,  a few days later, pieces of it fell off. Because they would have to be redone, I told him about the concern I had with the color and visibility of the stains. He put on a thicker layer which I hoped would help. The color looks more unnatural now and they, again, fell off a few days later. He said they’re not meant to be permanent, but he originally told me a few years, not a few days. Can I get my money back? Is there a solution to my fluorosis stains?


Dear Bennie,

Mild and severe fluorosis stains

It appears like your dentist is in over his head. Cosmetic dentistry is not adequately taught in dental school and dentists really do need post doctoral training for both the technical and artistic aspects of the procedure. Often you see a dentist who can do dental bonding, but can’t get it to look beautiful and natural. Your dentist is struggling to even keep them on. Believe it or not, this is going to work in your favor.

In most cases, it is very hard to obtain a refund from a cosmetic procedure. You can’t get one just because you don’t like how they look. However, yours won’t stay on. That entitles you to a refund. Also, putting on a thicker layer because you can still see some of the fluorosis stains is the absolute wrong solution.

I’m wondering about the severity level of your fluorosis stains. If you have mild staining, as in the picture on the left dental bonding is a fine solution, when done correctly. If you have severe fluorosis stains, you may be better served having porcelain veneers instead of bonding. This will cover a larger surface and can last for decades rather than years.

The key to a good result, however, is finding the right dentist to do this. You need one with the advanced training and artistry mentioned earlier. The best cosmetic dentists are accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

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