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My Two Front Crowns Are A Disaster

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I don’t know what to do and need some advice. My two front teeth needed dental crowns. My dentist tried his best, but the shape of the teeth where way off. He admitted that himself and said I needed to see a specialist in dental crowns so he sent me to a prosthodontist. When I went to the prosthodontist, he did an extensive consultation and I even showed him pictures of what I wanted the crowns to look like. He suggested I use dental sedation so the procedure can be finished quicker. The consultation was so in depth I felt confident about the crowns. That was a huge mistake. The crowns do not make the rest of my teeth. They are much darker and look ridiculous. When I mentioned that to the prosthodontist, he replied that I approved this color and that he is a specialist. What should I do?


Dear Ashley,

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I would consider this a cosmetic dentistry horror story. First, I am glad your dentist had the integrity he had and was willing to admit when his work on your porcelain crowns was not up to snuff. This is a great trait to have in a dentist and he should be commended. I do have an issue with who he sent you to.

Though there are exceptions, very few prosthodontists have any skill with cosmetic dentistry, though almost all of them think they do. While they have done extra schooling, it had to do with restorations, not the artistry required to make them beautiful.

A second issue I have is with the dental sedation. He should not have suggested that for your procedure. You didn’t mention anything about having dental anxiety, just that your prosthodontist said the procedure would “go faster.” This is not going to be the best dentist to do your procedure.

First, do not let him do any more work for you. Second, ask for a full refund. You cannot approve work when you are under the influence of dental sedation. He could have done provisionals for you and allowed you to get a good look at them when you were lucid. He did not.

If he gives you trouble, visit an expert cosmetic dentist and have them give an opinion on the two dental crowns. If they are as bad as I suspect, you will likely have no trouble finding a dentist to help you recoup at least some of your money.

Finally, you need an expert cosmetic dentist to replace these dental crowns. My suggestion is you get someone who is AACD accredited. These are the top cosmetic dentists in the country. They can also give you that opinion on the color.

I’m sorry this happened to you.
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