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Franklin, TN Mercury-Free Dentist

Many patients prefer to avoid the use of mercury in their dental restorations. If this applies to you, rest assured that at Franklin Smiles, Dr. Weber treats cavities with composite fillings rather than amalgam fillings, which are comprised of about 50% mercury.

Advantages of Composite Fillings

Even if you aren’t particular about the use of mercury in your fillings, you may opt for composite fillings for other reasons. For one, this type of filling bonds directly to the tooth, which results in a tooth that is nearly as strong as it was pre-cavity. The metals in amalgam fillings, although strong themselves, have a weakening effect on the teeth on which they are placed.

But mercury-free fillings aren’t just the stronger restoration; they look and feel more natural than amalgam fillings as well. As you would expect, a filling made of metal will have less aesthetic appeal than a composite one that better mimics the color of the natural tooth. A less obvious downside of amalgam fillings is that they can cause your teeth to become sensitive to hot and cold. Since composite fillings don’t contain the metals that present this issue, post-restoration teeth sensitivity is almost never a concern when you go mercury-free.

Arguably the most important reason to consider composite fillings is that they require less of the original tooth to be drilled away than must be done with amalgam fillings. In the image of a mercury-free restoration below, you can see how much of the original tooth structure has been able to be preserved. The end result is a tooth that looks, feels, and functions almost as if it had never had a cavity.

A tooth with a cavity is shown before and after restoration with a mercury-free filling at the dentist.

Dr. Weber, a Mercury-Free Dentist

To Dr. Weber, retaining as much of the original tooth and restoring as much of its original strength as possible are deeply important. For these reasons, he is proud to be a mercury-free dentist.

If you think that you may have a cavity, call our office at (615) 794-2444 to schedule an appointment for a dental exam. For your convenience, you may also request an appointment online and receive a follow-up call to schedule your exam.

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