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Franklin, TN Metal-Free Dentist

Whether you need a filling, crown, or bridge, you want it to be strong and durable. And while metal has been widely used in dentistry because of its strength, newer high-strength ceramics make it possible for dentists to create metal-free restorations without compromising on strength. As an almost exclusively metal-free dentist, Dr. Weber leverages the power of new technology to restore your teeth with highly aesthetic, yet exceptionally strong materials.

Composite Fillings

Dr. Weber uses white composite fillings as opposed to silver amalgam fillings, which are made of about 50% mercury. He applies each filling by bonding composite material directly to the tooth, a process that lends more strength to the tooth than an amalgam filling would. And of course, the color of composite fillings allows for a much more natural, aesthetic restoration than you can get with silver amalgam.

For more information on the benefits of composite fillings, see our page entitled Franklin, TN Mercury-Free Dentist.

Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

A diagram of a ceramic bridge that a metal-free dentist would use. The bridge is composed of two ceramic crowns supporting a natural-looking ceramic tooth between them.For crowns where aesthetics is a concern, Dr. Weber mainly uses a brand called e.max, which is composed of a ceramic base of high-strength lithium disilicate veneered with porcelain. This gives a naturally translucent result that, even up close, looks exactly like a tooth. Where more strength is needed, such as with a bridge, he will use zirconia, a type of ceramic so strong that it is often known as “ceramic steel.”

For further detail on the types of crowns Dr. Weber uses, visit our Franklin, TN Porcelain Crowns page.

Some dentists use porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns because of their strength. Since metal is opaque, this results in a crown that is more opaque than the natural teeth surrounding it. Dr. Weber avoids the use of porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, choosing instead to create crowns out of a material that offers the translucency and color variation needed to blend in with your smile.

In the rare case that a long-span bridge is necessary, Dr. Weber will use porcelain-fused-to-metal. Bridges in all other cases are completely metal-free, durable, and beautiful as the teeth that surround them.

Sensitive to Metal? Go Metal-Free!

If you are one of the up to 17% of women or 3% of men who have a metal allergy, take comfort in knowing that there are a variety of metal-free options available at Franklin Smiles.

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