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Dentist Placed an Implant He Knew Would Fail

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I have a question regarding a frustrating situation I am in. I needed to replace a tooth and choose a dental implant as my replacement. Before the procedure, everything seemed fine. However, he told me when he went in that there really wasn’t enough bone to retain the implant. Now he wants me to remove it and place a dental bridge. Do you think I have a right to get a refund for the implant he put in knowing it would fail? I don’t want to pay for an implant I don’t have as well as a dental bridge I don’t want.


Dear Charlie,

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I am sorry this happened to you. I’m a bit surprised your dentist thinks this is acceptable. If he’d done the right diagnostics before your procedure, he would have known that you did not have enough bone support prior to the procedure. Then, he could have taken steps to build up the needed structure with a bone grafting procedure.

If you still want a dental implant instead of a dental bridge, then it is possible for you to have the bone grafting done after the implant is removed. Then, when there has been enough time for you to heal and the bone to be ready you can go ahead and have another implant surgery.

However, that is not what you asked. As to your question, you have every right to ask for a refund. You paid for a dental implant and did not get one. Not to mention the fact that he is putting you through two unnecessary surgeries, one to place the implant he knew wouldn’t hold, and a second to remove the implant.

I would not ask, but tell him (politely) you want a refund on the implant. If he refuses, you could tell him that you are going to the dental board. He would not want them involved. If dental insurance was used to pay for it, you could also tell him you’ll report him to them as well. Additionally, I would tell him that you are leaving a review letting other people know the danger of going to his practice. One or all of those combined should sober him up enough to give you back your money.

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