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Is It Possible to Get a Pretty Smile With Dental Implants?

I have been in dentures for years. They look quite fake. I’ve had them for about 15 years and they’re starting to slip. I’ve been saving up for quite some time hoping to get dental implants so I can have a pretty smile. I’ve finally saved enough and my dentist said it is too late […]


Half My Dental Implants Fell Out

I am getting eight dental implants in total. I’ve had six done so far that I have already paid for and then I am getting two more. However, a week after the six were completed, half of them fell out. I am worried about the three that are still there and concerned that the next […]


Is It Too Late to Get Dental Implants After Ten Years In Dentures?

I have been in dentures for a little over ten years. I’ve never liked them. They don’t really look natural. But, I just couldn’t afford dental implants at the time. Now I am in different financial circumstances and would really love to have a smile I am proud of. I mentioned to a friend I […]


Dentist Can’t Get My Implant Crown Right

I had a dental implant placed on a lateral incisor and my dentist has not been able to match the crown to the adjacent teeth. I’ve had him send it back twice already. The last time, he said I am being too picky. Apparently, my teeth are between the shades A1 and A2. He warned […]


Implant Crown Doesn’t Match

I don’t know what to do. I had a dental implant placed on the tooth right next to one of my front teeth. When the crown was put on it didn’t match the rest of my teeth, which made it obvious I had a fake tooth. I went to see my dentist about it who […]

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