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Is It Possible to Get a Pretty Smile With Dental Implants?

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I have been in dentures for years. They look quite fake. I’ve had them for about 15 years and they’re starting to slip. I’ve been saving up for quite some time hoping to get dental implants so I can have a pretty smile. I’ve finally saved enough and my dentist said it is too late because I don’t have enough bone left. Is there any way I can get these? I haven’t had a pretty smile in decades.


Dear Penelope,

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I have some great news for you. It is still possible for you to have a stunning smile that you are proud of even after you have been in dentures for 15 or more years. First, let me explain what happened with your bone structure. When your teeth were first extracted, your body recognized that you didn’t have any teeth roots in your jaw. As a result, it started resorbing the minerals in your jawbone to use elsewhere in your body in order to be efficient with your body’s resources. Unfortunately, this will slowly shrink your jawbone. Eventually, you won’t have enough jawbone left in your body to even retain your dentures. This is known in dental circles as facial collapse.

While dental implants do require you to have enough of your jawbone left to retain the implants, there is a bone grafting procedure which will build the bone back up again. From there, you can either get dentures again or implant retained dentures. Just know that if you choose removable dentures the process of facial collapse starts over. So, why didn’t your dentist tell you about the bone grafting procedure? My best guess (and this is just a guess) is that he doesn’t know how to do dental implants. This is an advanced procedure that does require a significant amount of post doctoral training.

Now, you will probably be a little sad when you hear this, but it was possible for you to have a beautiful smile even with your original dentures. It is not whether you get removable dentures or dental implants that determines the beauty of your case, but rather the cosmetic skill and artistry of the dentist who is doing the work.

In your place, I would look forĀ  a dentist who has post doctoral dental implant training but is also AACD accredited. These are the top cosmetic dentists in the country. Whichever procedure you decide on, they can give you a gorgeous smile.

Beauty aside, you will find a higher quality of life if you get dental implants. They will keep your dentures anchored and dramatically increase your chewing capacity.

This blog is brought to you by Franklin, TN Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Christopher Weber.

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